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Retreat in Valencia, Spain
Healing Intensive:
EMDR Therapy + Daily Yoga for Working Professionals from California

Coming 2025

Transform personally and professionally. 

Are you noticing signs of emotional exhaustion?

Maybe you're experiencing compassion fatigue or perhaps you're struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You may be overwhelmed by your own mental heath challenges or simply you're feeling really isolated.


Perhaps neglecting your own self-care has reached a critical point.

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact in every facet of your life:

  • Putting clients' needs ahead of your own

  • Feeling unable to empathize effectively

  • Experiencing secondary trauma from continuous exposure to distressing stories and situations 

  • Fearing a lack of self-reflection and personal growth may be impacting your professional effectiveness

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A Therapist Retreat in Spain can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can rejuvenate emotionally and physically by taking a break from the constant demands of therapy work.


You can reprioritize self-care. You can balance professional responsibilities with your personal well-beingI can help you get there.

Image by Tim House

A therapist retreat in Spain helps you do 6 things:

  1. Enhance self-care practices with meditation, hiking, swimming and yoga

  2. Foster a deeper sense of empathy and compassion via group activities with therapist colleagues

  3. Engage in self-reflection to gain insights and to understand yourself better

  4. Gain clarity on your goals and values to become more focused and purposeful

  5. Strengthen your professional network with other California therapists

  6. Improve your cultural competence by immersing yourself in Spanish culture, history, and traditions

Summer Fun

I tailor each retreat to your unique needs and circumstances.


My approach to leading therapist retreats comes from a place of relaxation and understanding : believing you do not have to live overwhelmed and isolated


Instead, you can let the scenic beauty of Spain and the connection to likeminded therapists provide inspiration and a refreshing change of perspective.

Enjoy and relax on a serene and culturally rich retreat in Spain to allow deep and lasting changes. 

I will take care of everything.


Q: When is the next California Therapist Retreat?

A: Exact dates haven't been set yet but the next retreat will take place sometime in September 2025. Registration will begin in January 2025 with early bird special prices. Deposits can only be refunded until May 31, 2025.

Q: What does the cost for therapist retreats include?

A: Each therapist retreat, varies a little depending on the needs and wants of the retreat attendees but most retreats include yoga, meditation, hiking, solo time, group therapy, 1-2 sessions of individual talk and/or EMDR Therapy, cultural excursions, lodging, travel insurance, and group meals. 


Q: How long are therapist retreats?

A: The length of therapists retreats are 6 nights/7 days. Attendees are responsible for their specific travel arrangements arriving to the retreat lodging on the first day and leaving on the last day. Tips and guidance will be shared with all attendees on the quickest most convenient travel options once the attendee has booked their spot. 


Q: How do we get started?

A: Reach out by sending a message, emailing, or calling. We will arrange a quick 15 minute phone chat. Our conversation will consist of you sharing a little about what you are hoping to get from the retreat and me answering any questions you may have. If we decide the retreat is a good fit for you, I will get some general information so I can email you a few forms to fill out and you would then pay the deposit to reserve your spot. Then, we will be in contact to confirm more specific travel details.

More to come!

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