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EMDR Therapy Online
in Florida

Has it been unbearable to feel so out of control of your own body?

Maybe you keep thinking about something terrible that happened to you, or perhaps others keep telling you that you're overreacting. You may not have had a good night of sleep in a while, or simply you find yourself feeling overwhelmed for no reason at all. Perhaps you feel panicked around a lot of noise or when someone is angry.

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact in every facet of your life:

  • Feeling irritable and angry during interactions with others

  • Experiencing reckless or self-destructive behavior

  • Struggling to stay present or concentrate

  • Having difficulty falling or staying asleep

Online EMDR Therapy ptsd 

It may feel impossible now, but you can feel in control of your own life. You can trust yourself and others. You can become unstuck and take brave steps to a better future. And I can help you get there.

Trauma Therapy helps you do 10 things:

  1. Understand trauma and yourself better

  2. Recognize its impact on your life to improve relationships

  3. Minimize the risk of repeating prior traumas

  4. Create a safe environment for yourself

  5. Choose to improve independence

  6. Lean into and trust family and/or friend support

  7. Learn calming and awareness tools to use in everyday life

  8. Find strength to overcome any challenge 

  9. Promote self-care

  10. Live hopeful and empowered

can help.

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 I’ll help through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to trauma therapy comes from a place of love and understanding: believing that YOU are not the problem, but that it’s simply negative life experiences that have been holding you back.

It's time to let go of what's been holding you back.

I can help you get there. EMDR therapy near me


EMDR therapy anxiety

Q: What are trauma therapy sessions like?

A: Therapy consists of 50 minute long weekly sessions. During the sessions the therapist will be a supportive listener as the client provides a brief history and identifies negative thoughts that they would like to be replaced. Then, improving self-care and practicing calming awareness tools are focused on. Next, negative memories are reprocessed and the client starts to find relief. Goals and progress are reflected on regularly to provide acknowledgement, encouragement, and validation.


Q: How long do I need to be in therapy?

A: The length of therapy is very dependent on the client and their individual needs and circumstances. Some clients find relief after just a few months of therapy and others take a bit longer. The pace and length of therapy is really up to the client's desire and ability to implement learned tools/understandings in their personal lives.


Q: How do I know if EMDR therapy for trauma will work for me?

A: While no therapist can make guarantees, if a client shows up to sessions and chooses to show up for themselves, most clients find relief and start to feel better. Many of today's solutions for healing trauma are one-size-fits-all, leading so many to feel dependent on their therapist or like they're not making any real progress. I know that your circumstances are unique, so every step is tailored to you and always with your end goals in mind. 


Q: How do we get started?

A: Reach out by sending a message, emailing, or calling. We will arrange a quick 15 minute phone chat. Our conversation will consist of you sharing a little about what is going on and me answering any questions you may have. We will both have a chance to decide if we are a good fit. Then, I will get some general information so I can email you a few forms to fill out and sign before our first session. EMDR Therapy near me

Jessica Taylor Vara, LMFT, EMDR

(424) 571-2616

Palm Beach, FL 33480

Palm Beach County

Jessica specializes in Online EMDR Therapy to help clients feel calm and empowered. She supports clients to let go of feeling overwhelmed in order to confidently take control of their lives. 

 Jessica Taylor Vara, FL Telehealth Provider (TPMF387)

©2018 by Jessica Taylor Vara

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