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Online EMDR Therapy  
in California

Heal from difficult and traumatic experiences with compassionate support and personalized care.

Does this sound familiar?

​You want to reclaim your life but instead you are:

  • Freaking out about little things

  • Feeling anxious most of the day

  • Waking up in the middle of the night 

  • Doubting yourself and your decisions

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Find renewed hope and strength as you embark on the path to healing.

Hi, I'm Jessica and I can help.

I provide therapy for anxiety and trauma to slow you down and figure out what's most important. We'll identify your strengths and resources to then let go of negative thoughts and experiences. My clients walk away from therapy feeling relieved, better able to communicate with loved ones, and owning they are enough. women's issues therapy

Playful Mother and Daughter
Friends Taking Selfie

Therapy for Infertility 

Trust yourself and your abilities to stay present and to let go of self doubt.

EMDR Therapy

Learn the tools to live empowered, confident, and feel free again.

College Friends
Relaxing Outdoor

Therapy for College Students 

Feel calm and clear headed with the help of a trained therapist you can trust.

Therapy for the Highly Sensitive Person

Stay in the present moment by confidently communicating and putting yourself first.

How Therapy Works:

1. Reach out.

Call me. I'll answer questions you may have and make sure we're a good fit.

2. Get the support you need.

Join me each week to stay focused on personal goals. Together, we'll develop the tools you need to feel better.

3. Find joy in life again. 

Feel empowered and genuinely connected to those around you. You'll be ready to handle anything life throws at you.

women therapy

You don't have to feel alone. I can help you take control of your life.

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