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EMDR Consulting and
Trauma Therapy Online 
in California 

Transform your life with expert EMDR therapy and consulting, tailored to your needs.

You never expected to be here.

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​You want to feel empowered but you are:

  • Struggling in your relationships

  • Having trouble sleeping

  • Feeling anxious or depressed most of the day

You may be experiencing a range of distressing symptoms that affect your emotional well-being, physical health, relationships, and daily functioning. 

Life doesn’t have to stay this way.


Hi, I'm Jessica and I can help.

I provide trauma healing with a structured yet flexible combination of therapeutic techniques and supportive care tailored to each individual's needs. 


My clients walk away from therapy feeling profoundly transformed, marked by healing, growth, and a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

Playful Mother and Daughter
calm and happy woman on rooftop.jpg
survive sexual asault


Embrace your journey and outcomes, regardless of results, with the help of a specialized therapist you can trust.

Sexual Abuse Survivors

Learn the tools you need to embrace a sense of security and protection from harm again.


Gain understanding and empowerment so you can better manage your emotions and boundaries.


How Therapy Works:

1. Schedule free consultation.

Choose a time to chat and I'll call you to make sure we're a good fit.

2. Work together weekly towards your goals.

Together, we’ll develop the tools you need to feel confident and empowered.

3. Heal and recover from your traumatic experiences. 

You will transform, find a renewed sense of possibility, and live a more fulfilling life.

You don't have to keep feeling numb. I can help you feel lighter, stronger, and more hopeful.

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